On Bass Tub you're in the right hands!


Captain Erik [Tubby] Anfinson:

Erik started deck handing with his father Cliff Anfinson at age 19! He received his 100 ton license and started running the original Bass Tub when his father became ill. After his passing Erik bought the vessel from his mother, Lynn, and has now been running the vessel for 20 years. Erik always had a wish to own a 54 ft Westport. After 15 years of hard work he was finally able to purchase one, which became the rebirth of the Bass Tub Vessel. He purchased what was then known as the "Ghost Rider" from Longview, Washington. Erik has also worked for Alcatraz Cruises for 8 years running ferry boats. When he has a moment to relax he loves nothing more than being on the water with a fishing pole at his side.


Captain Aaron [Moose] Anfinson

Aaron was born and raised in Marin and received his 100 ton master license in 1998. He has worked on many vessels in the San Francisco Bay Area. He also worked on the Searcher in San Diego, where he chased large tuna/albacore. After many thousands of miles under his belt, he decided to move back up to his true home, San Francisco. Capt. Moose loves the water so much he got married on a boat to his beautiful wife Jenny. Captain Moose also works at Alcatraz Cruises driving the mighty Solitary.  He will be the main skipper while the Bass Tub runs albacore trips starting in late August.  He has tuna in his blood.



Crew member Patrick Harrington, a Bay Area native, grew up in Sonoma. He has been fishing and hunting his entire life. Beginning in 2008, and for several years, he worked in Alaska as a fly fishing guide and guiding float fishing trips. Upon returning from the north in 2012, he decided to pursue his passion and become a full time commercial crab fisherman. Soon after, he joined the crew of the the Bass Tub working as a deck hand and shortly thereafter acquired his Captain's License. These days you can often find him behind the wheel of Bass Tub.