Bass Tub is the largest  and most modern
boat at Fisherman's Wharf.

About the Boat

Bass Tub has two John Deere 13.5 L motors totaling 1,000 hp powering which enable the boat to cruise at 18 kn.
Bass Tub has northern lights, a 6KW generator, and a 5,000 W inverter for power to accommodate any party's needs. 


 56' X 18' X 6' 


Bass Tub has a luxurious and modern cabin and abundant deck space for fishing and cruises. The cabin has two large dinettes, a large lounge in the kitchen area, and two very clean restrooms.

The boat electronics include: a Furuno Radar Fishfinde Noble Tech GPS with computer Garmin GPS and a 2,000 Watt stereo with a wireless microphone which can be powered by a DJ or just a phone!
Bass Tub has two large bait tanks on board which allow for offshore fishing and large amounts of live bait.
Bass Tub can accommodate up to 65 people on cruises and 30 passengers for fishing trips, so as not to overcrowd the boat. 

Bass Tub Boat Photo Gallery