VIDEO: Alcatraz tour ferry crew rescues 10 passengers from sinking private boat

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The crew of an Alcatraz tourist ferry rescued 10 passengers from a sinking private boat on Thursday night.
The crew of the Alcatraz Clipper saw a distress signal from a small vessel, which was on a return trip to San Francisco, at around 8:45 p.m.
The crew then went toward Alcatraz to rescue the 10 people stranded. The Alcatraz Clipper had 438 tourists onboard.
The small vessel, called the Luna, hit Little Alcatraz, which is a huge rock that’s submerged during high tide, floated off to north side of island, and was taking on water.
Capt. Erik Anfinson, also known as Captain Tubby, and crew decided they needed to rescue the 10 passengers on the other boat. The 10 were all wearing life jackets.
The Clipper pulled up alongside Luna, and the 10 passengers hopped on board to cheers from tourists on the Clipper.
“He pulled up portside. We grabbed the bowline and got all the passengers onboard. Couldn’t be any smoother,” said Shawn Christian, who is a deck hand for Alcatraz Cruises.
The captain and crew said they are trained to do things like this.
“I’m just doing my job. That’s what we’re trained to do,” Capt. Anfinson said.
Luna ended up sinking completely after the rescue.
“They would have ended up in the water within probably 2 or 3 minutes,” Capt. Anfinson said.
Nobody was hurt.